Best stress reducing food and blood pressure 
People feel stress when they have pressure of work, relationship, financial problems or other conditions.  Stress can cause bad effects on our body or indirectly augment health problems. According to American Psychological there 3 are types of stress , such as chronic stress, acute stress and episodic acute stress
Important food to reduce stress
Orange and other citrus fruits : orange and other citrus fruits containing high vitamin C. These fruits are reduce stress level of people and vitamin C decrease the ratio of cortisol during level of blood pressure . These fruits also increase immune system 
Blueberries: has low calorie with nutrients as compared other normal vegetables and fruits. Blueberries work as antioxidants and it also contain vitamin C . Blueberries are reduce stress level of people and decrease blood pressure and working brain function.
Milk:  is best protein , which fight against stress. Milk decrease the cortisol ratio and blood pressure of our body. Milk also remain you keep fit by providing protein , milk is easily get from any where with reasonable price.
Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is not only  eaten for only teste but it helps to reduce stress from our body. According  to researchers taking a dark chocolate is benificial for a person from suffering high ration of anxiety
Nuts and seeds: Nuts are rich in omega 3 and Omega 6 important fatty acids, which helps to decrease stess level. Walnuts are one of best sources of Omega 3s.Thytophan is found in sunflower , which increase serotonin function and low the stress level
Oatmeal: can reduce the level of stress hormones and boost the serotonin, which stimulates a feeling of calmness.
Salmon fish: is contain Omega 3 , it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which have show  to low surges of stress hormones . salmon fish also protect from heart disease, premenstrual syndrome and depression.