Top Chest workout at home. why not take rest between the workout ? hd  photos


Before you do workout , do  5 to 10 min warm up your body ,this can help you in doing workout effective and energetic .


Look the up given picture to better understand of chest work from home. Here are the exercises:-

1 Chest Push-ups  
                 As everyone know push-ups are basic exercises , I personally believe this  exercise as most important role in chest workout. So you  do  4 sets of push-ups in which each set has 12 to 14 reps. 

After completing the first set you will not take a rest of one min  if you are a  advance or intermediate workout person.

Why ?
            If you are advance or intermediate person in workout line , taking a rest will not give you effective results , because you have already did many workouts in gym with heavy weights . those who are beginner they can take a rest of one min . So you like that only you have to complete all 4 sets with each 12 reps
2 Clapping push-ups:-
      Clapping push-ups are second most important exercise . It increase our  stamina , as we all know without stamina you can not do work out . so clapping push-ups increase stamina and as well as you can improve chest also . You have to do 4 sets in which each set has 12 to 14 reps
3 Shoulder taps
   Shoulder taps push-ups are improving strength , which helps in physically strong , and as well as it is chest workout .So you have to do 4 sets in  set each 8 to 10 reps.