Types of physique: Ectomorphic, mesomorphic, Endomorphic physique. Which type of body you want ?

Many guys are asking for big muscle body ,some people want bigger chest and arms . However some gym lover want lean body just for good looking but when I ask them which type of physique they want , surprisingly, they did not know about types of body . Here are I am going to tell you about types of physiques.
Ectomorphic Physique:  
In this type of body a person has lean and thin type of body. A person has lean face , lean chest with long arms and legs , this type of body has lean muscle cuts. People need this type of body just to look good , fitness model and for modeling shows. This type of body is not works for bodybuilding, because this body type of physique is far difference from other bodybuilding physique types. This type of everyone need because they want to good look as I told you this body is best for modeling on ram walk or on a stage as athlete such as man physique ,bikini etc. This physique has less risk of  injuries due his lean fit body.
 Mesomorphic physique:
This type of physique is prefer  for bodybuilding competition. A bodybuilder you see on social media or around you they have this kind of physique.In this physique a person has massive head; broad, muscular chest and shoulders, a large heart, heavy muscle arms and legs and minimal body fat. In bodybuilding competition this is physique is considered the best physique. This physique is for machoistic bodybuilder such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. To become this type of bodybuilder you really need hard training and proper diet. You need pyramided training system such as adding weight and reducing the number of repetition on each set. How every bodybuilder may have risk of disease or pain in there body due to hard training and bigger muscles.
Endomorphic Physique:
This type of physique for wrestler with heavy muscle weight . This physique prefer less cuts in body . If you want to look good or to bodybuilding then you should not train yourself for this physique because this physique is totally different from other physique. In this physique person has large round head, a large round abdomen, large internal organs , upper fat of arms and legs but slender wrists and ankles. If you want this type of physique you need to build strength for wrestling . In this physique you will not look good but you can build you power. However  there are become risk of  disease or pain in body  due to heavy body,