Weight loss diet plan

Thinking about weight lose is easy: Eat less calories and get results. But as you know when we stop taking calories we become more hungrier, and you eat a lot of food in which you lose your weight-lose goal. Here are some food,which provides you nutrition and make you less hungrier. Most people think that some foods are same work of weight-losing and weight-gaining. However people not read that which food gives nutrition. If we not take 0 protein or consume 0 calories than it can be difficult for person to survive. Here are some mixture of food which helps in losing weight without any risk.

1. Eggs

Start your morning with a two eggs in a breakfast. Egg helps you in greater feelings of satiety and we become less hungrier in a lunch time. Egg provides sufficient protein to survive a day

2. Avocados

Your next meal is an avocado and adding it to your lunchtime as a salad. Add only half an avocado to a meal, this can increase your satisfaction—and make you less hangry for the next 4 to 5 hours.

3. Oatmeal    

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and protein than most breakfast cereals, and also contains more beta glucan  the sugar that gives oatmeal its hydration and thickness. Take a oatmeal in milk , this will provides you sufficient calories and protein to run a all day.

4.Dark Chocolate   

If you like  some crave sweets in morning, noon, and night. One trick is to reach for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate the next time a craving rolls around. Dark chocolate promotes satiety and lowers the desire to eat something sweet for up to five hours afterward.