Foods to improve immunity system against corona virus

As we know vitamin A, C, E are most important when it come to boost immunity system strong. There are some fruits and vegetables which are help to build immunity in our body.

Citrus fruits:   

All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is thought to build the white blood cells in our body, which is beneficial fighting against the infections. Many of people take vitamin C after they have caught. Vitamin C is found in Oranges, grapefruit, lemons , limes. You should recommended daily amount of 75 mg to 90 mg for both genders. However women should consume 15 mg less as compare to men.

Red bell peppers:   

Red bell peppers also has their name in high vitamin C. Red peppers produce 3 times as much 128 as compare to Florida orange. Red bell peppers also convert in vitamin A. Which helps to maintain your skin healthy.


Spinach has a high vitamin C and also packed with antioxidants and beta carotene. Which they both fight against infection and build our immunity system strong. , light cooking makes it easier to absorb the vitamin A and allows other nutrients to be released from oxalic acid, an antinutrient.


When it comes to preventing and fighting off colds, Vitamin E tends to take a backseat to vitamin C. However, almonds helps to increase immunity system strong. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it requires the presence of fat to be absorbed properly. Nuts, such as almonds, are packed with the vitamin and also have healthy fats. People only need about 12 to 16 mg of vitamin E in a day. A half-cup serving of almonds, which is about 45 whole, shelled almonds.


It is another fruit loaded with vitamin C. You recommended daily amount of vitamin C in a single medium fruit. Papayas also have a digestive enzyme called papain that has anti-inflammatory effects. Papayas have decent amounts of potassium, magnesium, and folate, all of which are beneficial to your overall health.


It is also full of vitamin C and K. it has important nutrients such as potassium and folate. Kiwi improve immunity system of our body.


Broccoli is full of  vitamins and minerals. It has vitamins A, C, and E, as well as fiber and many other antioxidants, broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can put on your plate. The key to keeping its power intact is to cook it as little as possible — or better yet, not at all. ResearchTrusted Source has shown that steaming is the best way to keep more nutrients in the food.